IT IS SOOOOO exciting : we start training again on Monday 5th February 2018 with a totally new format : SMALL GROUP PT, capped at 6 per class from my studio in Beaumaris.  I have achieved some incredible results working 1 on 1 with my PT clients and I want to take my PT formula and make it more accessible costs wise to those clients who want a more individual service.

The challenge in 2018 is to really get on board with exercise and nutrition over the 8 weeks - so you feel totally AWESOME and ready to enjoy this wonderful NEW YEAR! 

Unlike online challenges and other fitnesses classes DTD really is small group fitness and very personal.  The sessions will be tailored to participants in question. They will remain varied and incorporate numerous types of training (suitable to participants) including resistance/ strength / HIIT / TRX / barbell/ dumbell /kettlebell and some exercise machines. 

You will have access to a face to face PT (me!) and a nutritionist approved meal plan delivered to you week by week.

Commit to be FIT – how is this different from before ? 

1- You will be more committed to train at these times and like PT will have to prioritise your training to ensure you make your scheduled sessions. Personalised classes make sure YOU stay focussed and committed for the duration and don't drift off, as you can in a crowded gym setting (we all have that gym memebership we NEVER use). 

2 - The classes will be limited to 6 people per class, so they will be tailored to your needs, goals and individual abilities. 

3- You will have a dedicated personalised program of homework to complement current training - tailored to YOU and your goals. 

4- You will be provided with a nutritionist approved 8 week program.  Each week we will be focusing on a different health pillar to get your health and wellness on track and get you to feel your ultimate best. This is not so much about losing weight, which will be a by-product, but about regaining your energy and vitality and feeling your ultimate best, strong, healthy and ready to tackle ANYTHING !

5- If weight loss is a goal there will be a bi- weekly weigh in and food diaries can be tracked and shared with me for accountability on my fitness pal. 

6- Text support along the way (at least 1 feedback and motivational prompt per week - to ensure you stay motivated and pumped and at the top of your game).