Fancy coming to class? It is simple you just need to Book in by signing in below or using the attached link: 


We ask members try and book in by 5pm before an evening class by 10pm for an early morning class, if not then this can result in the class being cacelled if there is no one attemding. Please cancel with at least 12 hours notice (where possible). This is helpful so I have an idea of numbers for programing. 

There are limited numbers available for each class and a waitlist for popular classes such as suspesion training (max 6 people) so BOOK IN EARLY to guarantee your spot. 

Many thanks! :-) 

See you soon and remember : You NEVER regret a work out ! Don' Think: Do! 





Labour Day

Term 1 School Hols

Mon 13 Mar

Sat 1st -17th April



Tues 25 Apr


Queen's Birthday



Term 2 Schol Hols

Term 3 School Hols 

Mon 12 Jun



Sat 1st- 16th July

Sat 15 th  September  – 8th October


Melbourne Cup & My 40th B-day Break 

Sat 4th Nov- 8th of November


Christmas School Holidays

Mon 23rd  Dec- 29th Jan