Here are just some of the kind words I've been sent by my clients:

Fun, Varied and Instinctive PT

"Chantal has motivated me to make big changes to my diet and fitness.I look forward to varied, interactive and fun weekly sessions
sessions. Each PT session is personally tailored to my fitness level and pitched to both challenge and motivate me. My long term
goal is to lose 60 kilos, improve my core fitness, muscle tone and strength.Chantal's personal weight loss journey is both an inspiration to
me but also gives them a unique insight into the mind of someone on a longer term weight loss journey. Chantal has lived
through this challenging journey herself and understands how to motivate, empathise and encourage me. Chantal is instinctive in
and know when you need some straight talking and tough love and when you need a gentler hand to keep you going. If it is the personal touch you
are after I would not hesitate to recommend Don't Think: Do! I have come such a long way since training with Chantal and I can't wait to show off the
final results!"

Aleasha, 23, Parkdale

Couples PT that really Packs a Punch !

"My husband and I have been training with Chantal for months and we are both loving every minute. We both have very different body types, levels of fitness and goals in mind, yet Chantal has managed to design us a training schedule that we can do together and we will both still get our desired results. I’m not a morning person but after our one to one consultation Chantal assessed our life style and commitments and suggested we try the mornings to see. I am so glad we took her advice, I never thought I would enjoy getting up at 6am to train before work but we have so much fun that the hour passes quickly and I am bouncing with energy ready to tackle the day ahead. I honestly cannot recommend Chantal enough and it’s nice to have an hour of doing something for ourselves as a couple, even if it is punching each other with boxing gloves, which can be very therapeutic ladies!"

Tracy (44) & Bill (41), Parkdale

What have you got to loose? 8 kilos!! (and gained a great friend)

“Do you want to join me for a run?”. That was the conversation that started me off on my fitness journey. After having 2 kids, a diet of pasta, and many bottles of sav blanc, I needed a kick start into getting fit. Chantal gave me a challenge - to run in the Mother's Day Classic in Melbourne. My first ‘run’ (in a pair of fashion leggings and some outlet bought runners), was not a pleasant one- hot, sweaty, and out of breath. By having Chantal tell me I could get fit, and something I really could do, I slowly started to believe it . Another trip to the store to get some proper kit and I was on my way to getting my head into the right place.

I remember my chats with Chantal about what I was aiming for. The plan; to loose 3 kilos, and to run 8km, seemed like something to head for (even if I didn't really didn’t think it possible at the time). Slowly I got my mojo going, and was soon surprising myself that I was getting up for 6am runs, and bootcamps at dawn. When you’re meeting up with Chantal she has the knack of getting you there - pumped up and ready to go! I’m not sure at what point the training gets to you - instead of becoming a chore, it becomes part of your lifestyle, and I guess, a little bit addictive. After loosing 5kgs people started to notice that I’d changed shape, and gained confidence in the clothes I wore.

That was just over 2 years ago, and have now lost more than 8kgs, I’ve competed in runs, an obstacle course, swam in the sea, and jumped off a pier! Now I’ve put my name down for a half marathon (ie coerced into by Chantal), and have changed my outlook on fitness. I’m not sure I would ever have done it on my own, and I bet if I had, there wouldn't have been as many laughs, and great times".

Alison, 46, Black Rock

Fitness Assessment : Spot On

"A very thorough and professional fitness assessment Chantal. Picked things up that Physiotherapists took a number of sessions to find on my aged body. Most comprehensive assessment I've had in many years. Thanks...Now, for me to take action."

Wayne, 50, Mordialloc


March 2015

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