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Hey, YOU reading this and wondering if I am the right fit ?
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Fitness Trainer, Founder 

I always think its best to describe what I am not, I am not a polished young trainer who spends time checking themselves out in the mirror and admiring their biceps whilst landing the perfect insta selfie – if you want some eye candy with your workout - you’ve landed on the wrong page !  


I can be overly caffeinated and cheery at 6:00 am but I am ALWAYS conscious that YOU are my number one focus, this journey is about finding out what makes YOU tick and how YOU will stay consistent to reach YOUR goals.


It's time for a change 

Some people find this motivational. Picture this: 2010, the year I decided it was time to boss up and tackle the whole health and fitness ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM.


Yep, that picture is me post baby number 2 – your regular gal trying to navigate the workout world without looking like an intoxicated lemming - I totally get it – the struggle with treadmills and the mental gymnastics of staying on the fitness wagon and fear of being judged in a gym.


I didn’t have a clue or the confidence to train by myself, so I did what most curious people do and decided to get a qualification as a personal trainer and train myself.  I’ve lived through the struggle of getting out of bed v a lie in, wanting chips instead of salad and preferring a pinot over a push up. 



Blame it on my lawyerly past; I never quite kicked the study bug. I'm all about digging into the nitty-gritty of fitness and nutrition, minus the fancy jargon. 


Now, why should you care? Well, in 2020, someone out there thought I was the bomb and nominated me as Personal Trainer of the Year for Victoria. Crazy, right? But it just means I’m serious about helping amazing people like you cut through the nonsense and fitness BS and ensure we are working off evidence-based material, not just the latest fitness fad.


I am voluntarily registered with a professional body (AUS Active) so you can be assured that I keep my insurance, first aid and learning up to date and keep you safe, I am also a team player and will always make the effort to speak to other allied heath professionals so we can build a stronger machine together and find the best solutions for your body type. No cookie cutter exercise programs here .  


My goal is for you to get a consistent routine going- where tailored exercise is built into your life so it becomes a lifelong habit, not just a phase.  I want you to love exercise and look forward to a challenge and where you make nutritious and tasty choices in the kitchen that will keep your awesome engine fuelled and ready for your active lifestyle. I want you to think of exercise and movement as a joyous journey, not not a chore. 


Imagine no yelling or over-the-top motivational speeches. I believe in a laid-back, let's-get-it-done approach. I promise, my jokes are at least as good as your dad's, whit a hint of spice and irony. Imagine your workouts peppered with laughter and discussion – because who says you can't lift,  laugh and out the world to rights at the same time? I promise, my jokes are at least as good as your dad's, with a hint of spice and irony.

Oh, and did I mention I'm a bit of a nutrition nerd too? I can help guide you towards nutritionally sound choices having recently completed a postgraduate certificate in Human Nutrition from Deakin University. Translation: I won't make you eat kale - unless you love it. Let's find what works for YOU! 


Here's the deal – I'm not just about lifting weights. I’m all about us working together to make health and wellness a natural part of YOUR everyday life working on mind, body and soul with a big dose of balance and perspective. 


l've helped hundred of guys and gals over the last 10 years to make exercise part of their routine. If you're done with the same old fitness spiel and want an experienced local Bayside trainer who keeps it real, brings the good vibes, and genuinely cares about your whole wellness journey, I’m happy to report: you’ve found me.


DTD is about rocking your 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s: making these decades the new 'heck yeah, I feel amazing’.


Let’s make this period in your life not the invisible chapter but the “unapologetically awesome “chapter. Let me help you build muscles and mental motivation to keep you strong, optimistic, resilient and sensational. 


Ready to supercharge your goals and get it done this time whilst having a blast? Let’s Don’t Think: DO !

Chantal X 

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